1. What is Digital-DL or Digital-RIP
Both are Purchased & Downloaded from Official Music Sites.

2. Where do you get 24 BIT Albums?
24 BIT albums doesn’t come from Audio CDs. All our 24 BIT collections are from Qobuz.

3. What is CD Image Copy?
CD Image Copy is the Exact Copy Of a Physical Audio CD but in a Digital Format which is Ready to be burned to a Empty Physical CD.
(Recommended Software for Burning the file we provide Alcohol 120%

4. Where can i get sample albums?
Click here to Get Sample Albums.

5. Are the Amount Refundable?
All sales are final and not refundable.

6. Can i change the plan if i am already on another plan?
Yes plans can be changed anytime by clicking on My Account tab and you can see the Plan name & under plan name there a link with “Change” caption.